Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Nader redux

As to the merits of the Nader speech, we have the classic multiple proximate cause situation. He is right that had the Republicans not stolen the Florida election aided and abetted by the conservative majority on the Supreme Court, the complicit and lazy corporate media, and the defeatists in the Gore camp, Gore would still be President. However, it is equally true that had Nader stayed out Gore would have won and Katherine Harris would still be an obscure corrupt state official. I think his attempts to avoid responsibility are akin to the very whining of which he accuses others. He should stand up and say that this was his intent all along; as I remember it, the Green party strategy was to spoil the election for Gore so that liberals could wrest the Democratic party back from Gore and the centrists. That has happened. Nader should be doing a victory lap. Instead, he finally realizes the horror of the Bush presidency and attempts to weasel out of his role in bringing it about.

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