Thursday, January 22, 2004

Let's not pull a Bush here...

Speaking as a big Edwards fan and one of the "large donors"--we've given a whopping $250 or $300 to date--I think you're being a wee bit disingenuous here. First of all, the small donations always flow to the most popular guy. For both this election cycle and 2000, the guy receiving the most small donations is...George W. Bush. Does this mean he's the candidate of the little guy? What has happened with Dean is that he was able first to tap into the same donor base as MoveOn, and then reap the frontrunner's benefits. Hell, I've sent him about $100 just because I figured he was going to be the nominee. I don't think that I'm going too far out on a limb when I say that had Edwards been described as the "front-runner" and even "likely nominee" for six months, his numbers would be a little bit different.

Second, there's a not so small difference between individual $2000 donors and "special interests." In fact, Edwards has made a big push for reform, both in his speeches and positions. Obviously, Edwards's proposals attack a different stage of the process--but I think their breadth and innovation demonstrates a commitment to reform, as Dean's clearly do. The only special interest which has supported Edwards--and is, I'll admit, responsible for a large number of his big donations--is the trial lawyers. Frankly, I see that as a plus rather than a minus as I personally agree with their issues. In any event, I have confidence in both candidates that they will go after the polluters and the fraudsters; big beef, big oil, and the proteges of Enron. Edwards' corporate reform proposals can be found here. This is not to say that Dean won't also take on these interests. I just have a sneaking suspicion that his bombastic approach might be a tad less successful. Not to mention the fact that I would much rather have a lawyer than a doctor dealing with the health care mess. But I digress.

Third, I note that the donor demographics data provided only has two categories--under $200 and $2000. As noted above, I'm apparently not a small donor. Does this mean that I represent a special interest? If I was more well off than I am, I would have given $2000. What then? I might as well go bribe my congressman, cut down a national forest and erupt a towering geyser of pig shit outside my feed lot.

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