Friday, January 23, 2004

Re: Credibility Gap

This is troubling, no question about it. While Edwards has done everything required by law, the fact that he is the only one not taking the extra step of disclosing donors while at the same time making openness and disclosure a campaign theme is problematic. I will be e-mailing the campaign to ask if he's going to make the disclosures, and, if not, if there's a reason beyond "we don't have to." I suspect the list will confirm what we've all been assuming--that there are a lotta lawyers. If not, I'd like to know.

In an unrelated vein, I was bored so I took the candidate match quiz. There is one caveat: the issues are the same as in 2000, so no terrorism, Patriot Act, or Iraq. At any rate, it gave me Clark, fairly convincingly.

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