Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Re: Deceit on the Campaign Trail

Given that the chances of any given campaign promise becoming law is about the same as my White Sox winning the World Series this year, I wouldn't be too concerned. The most convincing thing that has come out of Kerry's mouth thus far is that he has retained the services of Clinton's economic team. He says this fairly regularly. If that is true and not just another empty campaign promise, I'm not too concerned about the rest; these are people that fixed one seemingly insurmountable deficit already. Once in power, (I'm hoping) Kerry will be smart enough to listen to these grownups unlike the perennial frat boy we currently have running things.

I also wish that we would have a substantive discussion of the sacrifices that will need to be made to right the ship, but I understand that the public lacks the necessary foresight, responsibility, and attention span to hear this stuff--much less make an informed choice among candidates based on it. Therefore, given that these guys don't get to do anything other than give lectures at the college of their choice unless they convince people to vote for them, I don't mind that this is what these guys are saying in public. I wish that we could get them to make an appearance here to let us know what their real plans are, but short of that we will continue to have to read between the lines.

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