Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Paul Craig Roberts Is Kinda Weird

A while back, Joe posted a very interesting Brookings Institution discussion led by Senator Charles Schumer (D, NY) and columnist Paul Craig Roberts (which I strongly encourage you all to watch--very good). Recently, I stumbled onto some more information about Mr. Roberts. While his bio is pretty impressive, some of the positions he has taken have been--well, extreme. I thought his discussion on globalization was very thought-provoking and in many ways right-on (although I disagree that the mobilization of production capability is inconsistent with Ricardoan economic theory). But I'm not sure I match with him on his many other viewpoints. His archived columns may be accessed here; The Volokh Conspiracy has put together a summary of some his more controversial positions here.

Please understand, this post is not meant to criticize Mr. Roberts for taking wacky positions (as I find myself holding quite a few of those myself at present), but I am just surprised is all. He seemed pretty straight-laced at the discussion.

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