Thursday, January 26, 2006

Nuclear Politics

India is apparently not very happy with the U.S. position on Iran's nuclear policy. I don't know a whole lot about South Asian politics (and apparently neither does the State Department), but I find this to be interesting. It seems that India and Iran are getting on pretty well. One suspects that China may also want to make friends with Iran, as Iran is in need of friends these days, and China could use some oil partners who aren't too far under the sway of the U.S. Russia has also had good relations with Iran, as they've been the ones setting up the Iranian nuclear program. If these guys are willing to back Iran at the U.N., that's a pretty formidable coalition, one that the U.S. and Europe may have a hard time overcoming. This could be very interesting.

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Ryan said...

Let's hope political and international pressure will do the job. After some of the comments recently by Iran's president, I worry about just how fanatical this regime is. Obviously we can't afford another war right now, hence the punt to the international organizations.

On a related note, there is an interesting article in the Atlantic (Jan 2006) about how US nuclear hegemony is making our closest rivals (China, Russia) quite nervous. Our capabilities are now so far superior that these countries would not even stand a chance in a nuclear war scenario. Whether intentional or not, we may be creating divisions in international politics in which China, Russia, and others are forced to take policies in opposition to the US.