Sunday, March 19, 2006

We've Got 'Em on the Run!

I haven't blogged anything for a month, but I really couldn't pass this by. Donald Rumsfeld wrote a column for the Washington Post to let us all know that our opponents know they're losing in Iraq. It was annoying at first when he would try to convince everyone that up was down, then it came to be funny, but now it's just kind of pathetic. The more the situation (and popular opinion of it) changes the more this man's bullshit stays exactly the same. It will be interesting to see how Iraq plays out in the mid-term elections. It is rapidly becoming very unpopular, but the Democrats still seem to be (as seen with Feingold's censure effort) incredibly squeamish over anything relating to security. If they drop the ball on this again, I will be physically ill.

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Ryan said...

I, for one, believe every word that our esteemed Mr. Rumsfeld utters. Speaking of unwillingness to change one's mind even in the presence of obvious facts, there is an interesting book out about how the Iraq War was carried out. Essentially it depicts (from what the News Hour tells me) the unwillingness of the administration, including Rumsfeld) to accept that an insurgency was in fact present, and they failed to deal with it early on when they already had evidence it was there. See the News Hour interview with the authors of the book "Cobra II" here: