Sunday, March 25, 2007

Google Earth

Maybe you guys have used google earth before. If you have'nt, go here and download it immediately. If you have, why didn't you tell me about it? This is frakking amazing.

I'll describe it as if you were unaware of its glory. It blends a 3-d globe with satellite images, and google place data to form a seemless explorable planet. Its like having one of those godlike CIA systems from the movies (except you can't keep enhancing any image indefinitely, unfortunately). I will never be lost again. Have you ever been baffled by obscure geographical refences in adventure novels? Not anymore. You'll know exactly what block they're on, and what the roof of the restaurant they're eating at looks like. Joe & Ceci, you live at 38° 2'51.29"N x 78°30'41.49"W and and an altitude of 564 ft (and your apartment is 0.5 arcseconds long from front to back). I could have just searched for your address, but I actually found you by hand, cruising around Charlottesville in my satellite (since I did'nt know your address off hand and this was way more fun anyhow). I'll let you guys explore it for yourselves. If you're not impressed you can go to hell.

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