Friday, January 16, 2004

The Dean Revolution

Opensecrets, the world's most awesome campaign finance resource, has released some interesting data on the 2004 Presidential Election. The Dean revolution indeed. Percentage of funding received from $2000 donors: Kerry 55%, Edwards 65%, Clark 31%, Lieberman 52%, Gephardt 55%. Dean? 13%. Wow. Percentage of funding from donors of $200 or less: Kerry 12%, Edwards 3%, Clark 35%, Lieberman 9%, Gephardt 12%. Dean? 56%. Wow! Now that's campaign reform! Nice to see Clark comes in a clear number two in these rankings. I think a Dean/Clark ticket would be just about unstoppable (more on this later if I have time). I'm off to Iowa tonight (Ryan and Ceci and Mama B. will be there too), wish us luck!

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