Monday, January 19, 2004

The Storm

So we're back from two days of wandering around Dubuque wearing silly orange Perfect Storm hats and knocking on doors to spread the Dean religion. We had a good time, froze our asses off, ran into Brian Driscoll (also campaigning for Dean) and got to see Senator Harkin this morning at the Dubuque Dean headquarters (Ryan and I shook his hand, woot). The folks we canvassed were a tough crowd, and Iowa clearly is going to be a hard battle for Dean at this point, but there were some good signs and reasons for hope. Anyhow, imagine my surprise on getting home and checking the news that in among all of the editorials and features about the candidates, the Washington Post is running a lone postcard from the field article about Harkin's stop at the Dean HQ in Dubuque. Below are a couple pictures I took at the event (Ryan is in the center foreground in the 2nd).

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