Monday, April 17, 2006

Was Brent Scowcroft This Cool When He Was In Office?

Because man, oh man he looks like a genius now. The idea that we should have a consistent policy on nuclear power rather than picking favorites and expecting every other country to jump on board with our judgments only seems obvious if you don't follow the news in the U.S., because here that concept is downright fricken revolutionary. And the idea we should try find common ground with the Security Council nations and attempt to defuse the situation instead of ratcheting up tension? Mindboggling. Where does this guy come up with it?


Ryan said...

He must have had an epiphany, some divine inspiration as it were.

Veritas ad Infinitum said...

You would figure the Preznit would have gotten the same divine inspiration, but instead the message from on high was "bring it on." Weird. A vengeful god? Perhaps.