Thursday, September 11, 2003

Howard Dean Marches On

There are a couple of interesting bits of news regarding Howard Dean floating around. First, as has been remarked on here, Dean has previously taken a very hawkish, pro-Israel stance on the middle-east. Well apparently he's had a change of heart. He recently got himself into trouble by stating at a campaign rally that he felt the US needed to be even-handed in the conflict, and that an "enormous number" of Iraeli settlements would have to go. Apparently most of the political establishment has gone into shock at the thought that someone could advocate treating the two sides fairly, and so now Dean is already trying to backpedal a bit.

The other news is that he has been meeting with Gen. Wesley Clark, presumably regarding Clark joining him as his vice-president. Were that to happen it would certainly help to cement Dean's lead in the primary race. It's hard to say what impact it would make in the general election without having had much exposure to Clark as a politician.

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