Thursday, September 11, 2003

Weapons of... Look! Over there! The Iraqis are free!

In yet another example of the paucity of real evidence for Saddam Hussein posing a threat to the United States, the Wall Street Journal carried a report yesterday about the danger posed by Iraqs unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's). Both George Bush and Colin Powell (before the UN) made the case that Iraq was capable of using these UAV's to launch biological and chemical attacks against other nations and perhaps even the US. These statements derived from an intelligence report from last October. Attached to this report was a dissent from the Airforce stating they believed it unlikely that Hussein had drones capable of carrying out such attacks. Of course, this dissent was kept secret, even though the Airforce was most capable of making the threat assessment in this area. Now we find that their drones were indeed primitive and incapable of carrying WMD payloads (if indeed Iraq had WMD's).

This is now one of several examples of poor to false evidence regarding an Iraqi threat. I simply can't comprehend why George Bush is not under the same pressure as Tony Blaire. Apparently the American people don't care that they were lied to. Perhaps they will mind paying $87 billion dollars.

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